When I set out on this social kitchen journey I never in my wildest dreams thought that this would happen.

The one and only wonderful Nigella Lawson, not only Instagramed, she also Tweeted and to top it off she wrote about the book on her website in her cookbook corner. I was sitting in the Apple store trying to see how I could upgrade my computer storage as I have so many food pictures now, I realised my phone was going mental with instagram and twitter. I knew something must have happened but when I realised it was Nigella I couldn’t believe it that I was telling the Apple guys to just check I wasn’t seeing things. They were so lovely and so excited for me.

Thank you Nigella I am sure you made my mom very happy!

"There were many things that led to my writing How to Eat, but chief among them was a desire - a need, really - to memorialise my mother and sister, Thomasina, and the food we’d cooked and eaten together. Food is such an essential part of family life and family history, and books that celebrate that have a particular poignancy and authenticity. The Social Kitchen is such a book: a daughter’s anthology of her mother’s food, and a touching, inspiring memoir-through-recipes; there is something especially moving about the fact that Shally Tucker’s daughter, Dani, has given her mother the author’s credit. And I do wish to add that the proceeds of all book sales go charity.”


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