Are you a free spirit? Do you love to express your individuality? Then this season's playful mix & match design trend is probably already under your skin.

Throwing out the rule book and blending different styles, colours, patterns and textures is exactly what mix & match is all about - and luckily we've been embracing this trend ever since we started The Social Kitchen!

We pride ourselves on creating many of our looks in this way - it's fun, innovative and anything goes! It's also a really helpful way of working when we don't have enough stock of a product and need to complete a look with minimum fuss.
Selection of mis matched vintage glassware, tumblers, wine glasses from The Social Kitchen mix and match design trend

The Mix & Match Design Trend

The mix and match trend was created to embrace more unique and eclectic looks within the homeware and events industries. Whilst we love a gorgeous instagrammable look, sometimes tablescapes that are too pristine can look little stiff and uninviting. By mixing and matching items, you can keep the style but introduce more playfulness, creating a table that's really inviting to sit down at.

The idea is to create depth and interest on your table by playing with contrasting items. For instance, you might pair a textured light pink matte plate with a jet black shiny charger. Or maybe you decide to have a completely different style of wine glass at every place setting to create a whimsical look instead of a uniform one.

The perfect thing about this trend is it allows full self expression, so rather than following a strict colour scheme, you get to let your personality shine through in the pieces you select.

We love pushing the boundaries by mixing and matching our TSK items for events. Keep reading for some of our favourite looks and tips on how to recreate them yourself!

Multiple white and cream mix and match plates next to one another on a table, vintage, lace, crockery

Shades of Pale

We love combining styles from different eras like this. And who said there was only one shade of pale? Notice how even with similar shades of white, ivory and cream you can still add depth to your place settings by choosing items that have interesting detailing. The elegance is retained but the overall look is still unique.

Play with this look yourself by pairing your favourite modern crockery with some more ornate or vintage pieces in similar colours. Stack your plates in layers, from largest to smallest, to create eye-catching place settings.


Cream Grace Dinner Plate

White Lace Dinner Plate

Cream Shell Bread Plate

Ivory Braid Dinner Plate

Selection of beautiful ornate mix and match blue glassware photographed on tiles

Whimsical Glassware

Mix and matching your glassware is one of the easiest ways to bring colour and interest to your table. We often play with this for our looks at The Social Kitchen, deliberately choosing clashing designs in complementary colours. Think 'mad hatters tea party' but with glass!

Experiment with this look by selecting your favourite wine glasses and tumblers in similar shades. Mix goblet style wine glasses with more traditional shapes, and pair with a mixture of plain and textured tumblers.


Ocean Jewel Wine Glass   + Tumbler

Sapphire Jewel Wine Glass   + Tumbler

Emerald Jewel Wine Glass   + Tumbler

Cyan Jewel Wine Glass    + Tumbler

Contrasting crockery and dinnerware in white, pink and black from The Social Kitchen

Dramatic Contrast

We love this gorgeous statement look. Playing with deeply contrasting colours can create really wonderful talking points at your table, and it's amazing how just three colours can create such a stylish effect with very little effort.

Try this one out with your own crockery pieces by selecting two lighter shades and one darker, more dramatic one. Black, white and one contrasting colour can be a perfect combination. Don't be afraid to experiment with textures within the colours. So for example with the shades of black, here we've contrasted our Charcoal range which has a very subtle worn texture, with our bold, shiny Bead range. Our pretty Marshmallow pink and White Bead plates directly oppose the black and make the whole setting pop.


Black Bead Charger

Charcoal Dinner Plate

Marshmallow Dessert Plate

White Bead Charger

Marshmallow Bread Plate

Charcoal Bread Plate


We hope you have as much fun with this trend as we do and that you enjoy making it your own. When it comes to mix and match, the sky really is the limit so it's a great way to explore your creativity when it comes to your tablescapes! 

Love Dani x