BBC Radio London with Gaby Roslin & Robbie Williams

I thought I was seeing things when I saw there was an email from the producer of Gaby Roslin’s radio show on BBC London  to ask would I be interested in coming on the radio and bringing some food for the guests to taste. I would never say no to an opportunity like this. She continued to say that they loved my story and can’t wait to taste the food.

Then the dreaded email to say would I mind if they delayed it a week. I have only realized in the past few months of promoting the cookbook that when your dealing with press and media they aren’t that necessarily reliable. I have decided that I don’t believe things will actually happen until they actually do. They are all really busy people and have to fill their shows or media feeds and what is interesting today is not necessarily interesting tomorrow. It is just the name of the game.
On the Saturday night before the show I was cooking a few things and sorting out how I was going to carry it all. I realized I didn’t know who the guests would be on her show. As I looked online, it said the one and only ROBBIE WILLIAMS  would be in the studio.  I love him I never started out writing a cookbook to honour my mom thinking I would one day be on the radio talking about it next to Robbie Williams. I had to pinch myself.

Watch a live clip of Robbie working his magic singing his new single below….“Party like a Russian"

They said to arrive at 12.15pm I obviously was so nervous that I arrived early and I probably could have gone even earlier instead of pacing round my flat.

When I got there Kate the producer introduced me to Gaby Roslin who to be honest I was just as excited to meet her as I was to meet Robbie. I also met Terri Wogan’s son Mark who has just opened up a few pizza restaurants Home Slice London   . Mark was extremely lovely and so interested in what I was doing and he loved the book. It was an honour to meet him.  Noel Sullivan was also there  and Jennie Williams from  Jennie was such a wonderful woman she started a charity called Enhance the uk  which focuses on changing the perception and attitudes towards people with disabilities.

It was an eclectic mix of people but it really made for an interesting listen

Please listen it was a wonderful show and I got to talk a little bit about my mom and what this project means to me.

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