The Ultimate Goal

When I wrote this book I wasn’t sure where to set my goal. I was not a famous chef, neither a reality TV star; I am a local girl who wanted to write a book for my mom. I really wasn’t sure how many books I would be able to sell.

I had loads of advice from an amazing man, Alex Smith (Smith and Gilmour) who helped put the book together. He convinced me to get 2000 books printed and that it was a safe bet.

Based on it selling for £25 per book but because of selling to shops, through AmazonUk and using card machines all these things eat into the profit. I averaged each book out to be £20 profit. Therefore if I could sell all 2000 copies it would hopefully accumulate to £40,000. As I was able to secure donations to cover the cost of printing and therefore the full amount would go to the charity.


I am very close to selling all 2000 books in 5 months of it being available and I am thinking of doing a second print run. Because of all of your generosity by donating more than just to cover the book at £25 I have raised £45,000.

In my dreams I would love to raise £100,000 with in a year of publishing this cookbook.

Watch this space!!

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