My journey to The Social Kitchen

It all started with my mom

My mom and I had always said we would write a cookbook but we never got round to it. When my mother passed away and I went home for the first time, all her hand written leather bound recipe books were placed on my dinning room table – at that moment I realized that my chance had arrived.

“The Social Kitchen” completely encapsulates what my mother stood for and believed in. All she ever wanted was to have her home filled with amazing people, lots of delicious home cooked food, sharing laughter and good energy.

My Mom & Me

Like most of you, my mom was my best friend. Sadly she passed away just over 2 ½ years ago. She was an incredible human being. A true inspiration to everyone! You only needed a minute with her and her warmth would have captivated you.

So much of our relationship was built around our kitchen table; it was always where you would find us. We always had millions of people over; we always laughed and said it was like Kings Cross Station. My Mom would be able to put something delicious together in a split second without you even noticing. It was like magic! She was my superhero!

Fun & Laughter

My mom, despite all these issues, was one of the most positive and fun loving people that you could ever imagine. Laughing all the time. She was so funny, we would be crying in fits of laughter.

She could have turned any sad situation into a musical. I would catch her having physiotherapy, moving and singing to the tune of A Chorus Line. (I loved that film)

She taught me to live life and love the small things as much as the big things. As I continue to spread The Social Kitchen love I realize that I am doing things that I know she would have done. I feel like it is in my soul to create and make just like she did.

Creating & Making

She was always making beautiful things. If my mom wasn’t a baking a delicious fluffy chocolate chiffon cake, she was sewing together a little pink beaded doll, or she was arranging the freshly cut roses from her garden (she absolutely loved her garden, when she wasn’t physically able to get to there she would ask us to take pictures to show her)

Throughout this process it has not only brought me closer to her ethos and philosophy but it has actually been extremely emotional, and in turn it has been my therapy.

If wishes came true

As the tears roll down my face I wish I could have her chatting away while I roll the coconut biscuits. I wish I could enjoy The Social Kitchen with her, as I know she would have absolutely loved every bite of it. I know in my heart of hearts that she knows and is with me every step of the way.

This project has grown through the last few months into something that I never imagined how beautiful it could be. My Mom was and always will be my inspiration in my kitchen and in my heart.

I would like to show you how I have made my kitchen as social as hers.

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Time for the people in your life

This journey began as a means to remember and honour my mom and her enthusiasm for life. The intention of the book is greater than the recipes - its now all about YOU – it’s about taking the time to enjoy your family, friends and yummy food. It’s a reminder to love people, to make new friends, to smile at strangers and try a new recipe you thought you never could.

I have shared my story with you and I would love to hear all about yours.

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