The First Social Kitchen Supper Club Hosted by Rosie Fortescue

thesocialkitchenjuly12201625The Idea

After Polly (my PR guru) and I had a brainstorming session we came up with the idea to do a dinner/supper club. We wanted to create an evening that brought The Social Kitchen to life so that people were able to feel, taste and enjoy everything the book has to offer.


I knew it HAD to be beautiful with lots of flowers, candles and yummy food creating a warm atmosphere and an aesthetically pleasing environment, somewhere that people hadn’t thought to use. It was important to think outside the box like Mom always did.

Keeping costs down

I needed to keep costs down as much as possible, that meant doing as much as possible myself and calling up my friends and family asking them for a favour.

Strangely enough our planned chef canceled at the last minute, I feel this was a fate moment. Originally I had asked a chef to come on board because I wanted to make sure I was properly hosting the event and not hidden away in the kitchen.

In the end I did managed everything from cooking to cleaning, from flowers to the candles and ordering the neon light, which has been something I had dreamt of since first thinking of the books title.

I was very lucky to have the help of my best friend Candi, my sister Megan, her boyfriend Sam and of course Polly.

Guest list

As Rosie was hosting the event, the guest list was down to her and Polly to organise. As the list grew and I stalked who would be in the room, I knew it was going to be a table filled with inspiring women.

Easy Menu

I wanted it to be the easiest menu to make sure that everyone got to taste a big verity and yet not make it the hardest for me to have so many options. I also didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen the whole night; therefore I wanted as much of the food to be cold and pre prepared.

Everything could be prepared and ready (with the dressings on the side – they must only be poured on at the last minute) even the salmon could be cooked during the day and served cold (I think its even yummier like that)

POA on the day/night

First thing I went to the flower market to buy the flowers and I had packed up all the glassware and props that I wanted from my moms the day before so they were ready to go.

I had organized Ocado  to arrive with all the food around 9am and I started cooking straight away.


Iphone’s  and Instagram at the ready on the night. Everyone was so nice and encouraging, I think the more I speak to people about the project the more they understand and LOVE it.

Socializing is everything when it comes down to a dinner party. You as the host will set the tone for the way people feel. Make them feel at ease and relaxed is key.


What’s next - My second supper club dinner – want to come??

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