The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Creating a Thanksgiving table to enjoy with friends and family should match the themes of the season; sharing and celebration of the simple things in life

To keep this simplicity, I chose a muted palette for the crockery and cutlery, but brought an array of Autumnal colours through by decorating the table with gorgeous fresh root veggies and flowers. I love a simple light pink tablecloth for this look, but a rustic wooden table would work just as well.

Keep reading for how to recreate this effortless setting for your own Thanksgiving gathering.

Thanksgiving place settings with a mixture of vintage and modern crockery and glassware in orange, brown and pink



Layering your plates from darker to lighter tones creates depth and interest and removes the need for place mats. We mix and matched metallics with shades of orange and pink, topped with a simple tartan napkin and finished with our Rose Gold Allure Cutlery.

For a touch of understated luxury, our Ruby and Copper Jewel wine glasses paired with our Amber Perle Tumblers were just the thing. (Scroll down to shop the full table)

Thanksgiving place settings with mixed vintage and modern crockery and glassware with in pinks, browns, oranges and reds from The Social Kitchen


Creating a centerpiece out of your veggies is easy and looks amazing, plus they are perfect for making a soup with once you're finished. I love using pumpkins, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrots and butternut squash to represent the winter months and evoke memories of those wholesome, delicious dinners. Most supermarkets now sell a wide variety of squash and pumpkins in different shapes and colours so they are easy to come across and cheap to buy.

Thanksgiving centrepiece with root vegetables and flowers in pink, orange, brown and yellow tones from the Social Kitchen.


To complete this table setting and to add a little bit of sparkle, I grabbed some gold ribbon and tied oversize bows for each place setting. I also added some hand-cut pieces of card that I scribbled a little 'Thank you for being so special' message on, but you could also do these as name cards for your guests. I popped some Munchkin Pumpkins on our pink vintage bread plates and added one to mark each place.

And let's not forget some gorgeous flowers! Pick your favourites, but I went for seasonal Chrysanthemums and Dalias since they come in such gorgeous rich hues like burnt oranges, deep pinks and reds. Pop them in cute vintage vases or old bottles for a rustic look.

Thanksgiving place setting inspiration with gold ribbon and name tags alongside orange, brown and pink plates


Even though I try to do it all the time, Thanksgiving is an especially poignant time to remember all of the amazing opportunities and people I’m thankful to have in my life. Before digging into your meal, taking time to reflect can be a beautiful way to reminisce and share with your friends and family. You might like to offer a moment to go around the table and ask each of your guests to share something they are grateful for.

Thanksgiving place setting with pumpkins, squash and flowers in pink, orange, brown and yellow with layered plates and gorgeous glassware



Pink Marshmallow Dinner Plate

Pink Vintage Plates (a selection)

Pink vintage bread plate


Ruby Jewel Wine Glass

Copper Jewel Wine Glass

Copper Jewel Wine Glass

Amber Perle Tumbler 

Amber Perle Tumbler


Rose Gold Cutlery Collection

I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving with those who mean the most to you, gathered around this beautiful table, enjoying some yummy food!

Love Dani x at the Social Kitchen