8 Simple ways to Pay it forward

  1. Hello 

Saying hello to people sounds so simple but when last did you say hello to someone behind the till at the post office and asked them how their day was?  You will be amazed at how people tell you more than you bargained for!

  1. Hugs

Remind your friends that you love them!

  1. Post-It notes

My best friend/my flat mate, Candice and I leave each other notes all the time stuck on each others doors or on the kitchen counter – a note to smile, laugh and enjoy every minute. I love them so much that I keep them in a little pink notebook.

  1. Clear out your wardrobe

You can either drop it off at the local charity shop or I like to take warm jumpers to this man called George who is homeless that I pass on my way to the post office.

  1. Photographs

If you see a family or group of friends taking a picture and one of them gets left out - offer to take it for them. (I never realized the importance of photos until my mom passed away. I wish I had taken more and not been so shy)

  1. Complement others

I love to tell people that they look good or I love their jacket or bag.

  1. Share your friends

I love spreading the love by bringing people together. It creates new bonds, relationships and friendships.

  1. Do you have a skill that you can pay forward?

I love to bake. When I am making biscuits I always make a double batch and take the extras to the local charity.

How do you pay it forward?

Here is a biscuit recipe that I love to make

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