Spring Social Studio Launch

April 2024, I had the pleasure of hosting my Spring Social Studio Launch Party, an event that exceeded all my expectations and left a lasting impression on everyone who came! As I reflect on the evening, I am filled with immense gratitude for every person who joined us at the launch party, contributing to its success and making it a night to remember.

Dani at The Social Kitchen Studio Launch Party. London Kitchen Studio, hire & Rent

Lighting & Sound by Outrage Events

The atmosphere of the launch party was really important to me. I wanted to have a very warm, fun and beautiful experience for everyone attending. A massive thank you to Outrage Events for their expert handling of lighting and sound. They completely transformed the space!
pink boxes with flowers coming out in pink colours up lights to create drama

Breathtaking Arrangemnts by Atelier Emmanuel 

Emmanuel the florist brought the beauty of spring indoors with his breathtaking floral arrangements. The brief was to make the space come alive with flowers. The mastery of floral design added an extra layer of elegance to our event, captivating everyone with pink peonies and pink blossom exploding from our pink boxes.

Beautiuful pink, purple and green flowers. The Social Kitchen Studio. Kitchen studio to hire and rent

Culinary Delights: Delectabel spead by Christina Mackenzie and Lauren Wall

Take inspinspiration from my cookbooks Christina Mackenzie & Lauren Wall outdid themselves with their culinary creations. From savoury bites to sweet indulgences, every morsel was absolutely delicious and left our guests raving. They made a delicious cheese board with my Floral Goats Cheese recipe. plus olives and my delicious Vanilla Naked Cake, both recipes found in my book The Social Kitchen Table.
Beautiful table of food. Charcuterie board with goats cheese and folwoers, olvies, flowers, mozererlla, basil and tomato on perle sticks. Kitchen studio hire. Events hire

 Drinks by The Cocktail Party

Thank you to The Cocktail Party for crafting some amazing drinks! They served Pimms, Rose Wine, Bubbly, and two of our fave signature cocktails, the Watermelon & Basil Sour & Gin Pom-ish. Delicious! 
The Cocktail Party. Pimms, straberry, oranges, cucumber, lines, lemonade, gin, gin polish, watermelon and basil sour cocktial. The Social Kitchen Studio. Ktichen studio hire in London

 Glassware Selection

In addition to the culinary and floral delights, our attention to detail at TSK is always so important. The Glassware we used from the huge collection was:  

Ripple Champagne Flute Glass with Peach Ribbon  

Beautiful clear champagne glasses with peach ribbon. The Social Kitchen studio

Sienna Jewel Wine Glass

Orange Sienna Jewel Wine Glass.

Blush Perle Wine Glass

Blush Perle Wine Glass

Vintage Champagne Coupe Glasses 

If you need a versatile studio space for your next event, look no further! Our studio is the perfect canvas for bringing your vision to life. Reach out today to discover more. 
Thank you once again to everyone who joined us in celebrating this milestone. Here's to many more memorable moments ahead… Watch this space!