A Journey Into Our ‘Kitsch’en

Embarking on a journey to infuse our kitchen with a vintage charm, we set out to create a whimsical 'Kitsch' atmosphere, using an array of vintage props from my prop house. From pastel blues to vibrant yellows, and from radiant reds to serene greens and pinks, the palette complimented each other and made the Kistch theme come to life.

Timeless Vintage Kitchen Decor Pieces

Delving into the intricacies, let's shine a spotlight on some timeless pieces. Among them, stands my Vintage Sugar Shaker Floral Design perfectly complemented by the nostalgic allure of the Ready Brek Vintage Bottle. Their quaint appeal, accentuated by warm oranges and elegant typography, seamlessly blends to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Red And White Kitchen Shakers: A Touch of Rustic Charm

A favourite that stands out is my Red And White Shakers with Lid. The rustic wooden lids, gives this look an oaky, earthy tone in the colour scheme. This ties in well with the shakers are White Scales With Red Detailing as they seamlessly enhance the overall aesthetic cohesion.

Adding Depth with Vintage Green Thyme Pot and More

Further enhancing the visuals are the Vintage Green Thyme Pot, the Milk Glass Measuring Jug, and the delicate Peach Glass, each layer adding the depth and texture of a Kitsch aesthetic.

Playful Retro Touches with Cake Stands and Glassware

Another stand-out section of the retro collection is The Medium Baby Pink Cake Milk Glass Stand and the Clear Glass with Yellow Bottom, imparting a playful yet retro touch.


Embrace Creativity in Your Kitchen

At The Social Kitchen, we encourage you to embrace the joy of experimentation, letting your kitchen become a creative canvas. After all, creativity knows no bounds.


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