The Passover Table

Passover is all about the table, so create one that shines this year with our simple tricks and tips.

Inspired by the muted pastels of Spring, and using highlights of orange and blue, it's easy to recreate this pretty yet welcoming tablescape.

Scroll down for your how-to, or keep reading to learn a little more about the meaning of Passover.


Passover is a special Jewish holiday where we remember how the Jews left exile and were redeemed. On the Passover table we have something called a Seder plate. This centerpiece contains all of the symbolic foods eaten or displayed at the Passover Seder (dinner). Its purpose is to show all the foods that are valued by the people of Israel, and are designed to express the uniqueness of the Seder (dinner).

Some of the items you might find on a Seder plate are things like shank bone, egg, bitter herbs, karpas (parsley), charoset (a mixture of matza, nuts, apple and wine), and hazeret (lettuce).

How to style your table

What you'll need:

  • Edible ink
  • Unused letter stamps
  • Broken Matzah
  • Melted chocolate
  • Your chosen Seder ingredients for decoration


You could really use any palette you wanted for your table. To recreate our Spring look, pair our White Bead dinner plates with pastel pink napkins, vintage cutlery, and our gorgeous Pink Jazz Tumblers. To offset the pink, choose hues of blue and orange with your serving bowls and dishes.

We kept this look simple and fresh with a plain linen tablecloth but you could also keep the look equally as rustic and fresh if you have a wooden table.


Using edible ink and unused letter stamps, we dipped some broken matzah into chocolate and then when it dried we stamped them with the seder ingredient titles.


Pipe or drizzle your chocolate onto your broken matzah pieces with your guests names for a really special personalised touch! Allow to dry and place one on each place setting.


Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Passover!