Bloomin’ Lovely

Spring is the time of the year where we welcome the year’s first blooms; multi-coloured tulips, fragrant hyacinths and of course, the flower to brighten any grey day- the daffodil.

Easter is the perfect time to decorate your home and dining table with fresh flowers, especially when welcoming friends and family to celebrate the festivities. Bring the outside in and adorn your home with seasonal bouquets, I love being green-fingered and picking my own at this time of the year too.

Credit: Pinterest

The Main Event

Lamb tends to be the meat of choice this season and I’ve got the perfect recipe for a succulently minty roasted leg of lamb served with hasselback potatoes. 

This roasted lamb dish is fairly fuss-free, so if you need a simple but yummy Easter feast, this is your go-to recipe. This dish will excite your diners and have them look at you in sheer admiration. 

Veggie Main

When I’m entertaining vegetarian guests, I love to pull out all the stops to prove that veggie food is incredibly tasty too. My spinach tagliatelle with grilled courgette, corn and toasted pine nuts is the perfect spring dish to pull out and impress over the Easter holiday. This light but oh so the fulfilling dish will bring colour and a huge smile on the face of its diner.

Here’s the recipe

The Sweet Things

I team up with the lovely Katy Q to create a very pretty Easter Confetti cake with a surprise centre. This cake was a joy to make and I would love you to try it too. This cake will be a feast for the eyes of everybody around the table.

Tip: I personally used vanilla essence in the buttercream. But you can, of course, change up the flavour by adding lemon or passionfruit flavours for a zingy version.

Here’s the recipe

I wish you a very happy easter and hope that you enjoy the holiday .