My Top 10 Fabulous Cake Stands

A small marble cake stand sits on my bed side table, with a little heart shaped trinket dish for my earrings to sit in at night. If anyone knows me, they know that I am OBSESSED with pretty decoration. I’ve collected plates, vases, tea lights and of course, cake stands throughout my years of baking and styling. So much so, I’ve got boxes taller than me full of modern and vintage pieces which I’ve either found or which my mother handed down to me.

I love using my props for more than their original purpose. I turn small boxes upside down to create height for plants and vases of flowers. I also enjoy finding new ways of using my cake stands, layering them, adding small pots of desserts, decorating with fresh fruit and even adding candles.

Here are 10 of my favourite cake stands, charming enough to adorn any table or worktop.

Amara’s Glass Dome Cake Stand

Pearl Glass Cake Stand and Dome

Trouva’s Pretty Pink Cake Stand 

Anthropologie’s Alma Large Blue Glass Cake Stand




Marble Top Cake Stand

Parakeet Cake Stand

TOM DIXON Large Tank Cake Stand

Antique French Style Cake Stand

For the perfect finish to your beautiful cake stand, decorate it with your best cake recipe. Why not try my super easy no-bake cheesecake?  Decorate your cake or cheesecake with edible flowers for that extra special touch.