How to Decorate Your Own Table With Fruit & Flowers

Decorating your own table fills most people with total anxiety but it doesn’t have to be like that. Thinking that expensive props, time and ‘an eye’ are necessities. In actual fact, you just need a few candles, some items you already have around the house and a drop of creativity (which is in everybody).

I used my table setting from the UJIA Ladies Night dinner as a guide to show you how easy it can be to replicate it.

Step by Step

I started with three orange trees, two small and one large- this is to give some height to the centrepieces. You don’t have to use orange trees, you could use vases of flowers if you like.

I collect lots of little pots, wine decanters and vases. Placing them on the table randomly, adding tiny flowers and roses cut short. Don’t be shy to cut your flowers short and also sometimes one bud is more than enough in a vase.

Set the mood with some warm candle lights. I LOVE adding lots of candle lights to my table settings. There’s something romantic and low and warm lighting which makes you feel relaxed plus, candlelight is also very flattering. Candles are definitely my go-to item for the dinner table if I had to choose just one prop.

Adding height using small crate boxes works perfectly but, if you don’t have any boxes you can use a cake stand give that high when your decorating your own table.

I loved the element of including fresh market fruit in brown paper bags. This is super easy for you to copy, simply head to your nearest market and buy some of your favourite fruit. You can also opt for veggies to add some colour to the table too.

Using this step by step you can see that decorating your own table isn’t that difficult. I would love to see what you have done! Please tag me in any photo’s. Have fun decorating!

A special thank you to Chiko for capturing the mood perfectly.