My Favourite Serving Accessories For Canapes

There’s something utterly satisfying about a canapé. A tiny, easy, guilt-free bite of deliciousness. So what could be more fun than making them out of your favourite dishes? We’ve all seen mini hamburgers and bite-sized roast beef, but the concept can work on virtually any recipe. The secret is working out how to present it.

First think about practicality. You want to make it easy for your guests to pick up and eat (no one likes a hefty canapé!). But you also want it to look fun and interesting.

A few small things that work well to adorn your canapés


These are a great accessory to present a deconstructed salad like Caprese or Ceaser. Take one of each ingredient and place on cocktail sticks and slowly build up. The more traditional way to use your cocktail sticks includes serving hot bites such as mini sausages and meatballs – store your cocktail sticks in mini jars and present with your canapes. 


Some of favourite ideas for shot glasses include smooth soups, chocolate mousses, houmous and a couple of crudites, cerviche shooters or mini pasta dishes. 



Rainbow Fun


Mini Mason Jars are best for desserts like a deconstructed pavolva or a tiered cheesecake. Another top tip is to fill mini mason jars with ketchup and other dips to serve alongside dippy canapes.

Glass Tea Cup

Water Glasses

Mason Jar


Beautiful trays liven up even the most simple dish. Avoid serving disasters by choosing something light enough to pass around.

I also like alternatives like wooden boards if the canapes are to be presented on a table.

Always remember that when serving canapes your guests should have everything they need to consume the food without difficulty.

My staples include napkins, small plates and small spoons for mini jars and dips.

Wooden Board

Pink Tray

Gold Tray

It’s been proven that smaller food is more satisfying that’s why canapés are great to serve at a drinks party, as a pre-dinner snack but also if you’re having people over in the afternoon for a light alternative to a full meal. 

Guaranteed your guests will love them!

Everyone does!