Jewish Holiday of Purim - Easy to Make Foodie Traditions

It is one of those Jewish holiday’s that creeps up on you, wasn’t it just January?

Purim is one of my favourite Jewish holidays as it is all about having fun and celebrating each other. Historically the day is to commemorate the saving of the Jewish people from Haman. As with any celebratory day, it’s a great excuse to host your nearest and dearest around a warm, loving table. 


This is one of my favourite traditions of this Jewish holiday!

These are baskets of gifts, which were traditionally for the less fortunate, but we give them to everyone to make them smile. These usually contain Hamantasham, along with other sweets and treats. You could make a themed basket:

Movie Night

Popcorn, chocolates, drinks and a iTunes voucher.

Picnic Basket

Blanket, wine and Hamantaschen 

Last Min Starbucks Stop

Pick 3 of your favourite Muffins from Starbucks, and a coffee and use the 4 chamber cup holder as the basket. Who would say no to that!


Granola, berries, Pastries, orange juice, and coffee.


These triangular filled-pocket pastries are so delicious. They are made by simply folding the sides of a circular cookie cutter cut piece of dough, once you’ve filled the centre. Traditional fillings include poppy seeds, dates, nuts, apricot, raisons or figs, but I’ll be filling some of mine with chocolate. You can also pop down to your local deli and buy them ready made!