Etsy Mother's Day With Dawn O'Porter

Mother’s Day is a very special time of the year for me, I was honoured when Etsy asked me to cook and decorate their table for their Mother’s Day event, in partnership with Dawn O’Porter.

Etsy organised a dinner with the hilarious mum of 2, and as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also an author, writer and presenter. “As a mum of two, I appreciate good presents more than anyone, but I also understand how stressful it can be to pick something perfect. I’ve chosen 25 gifts from some of Etsy’s most talented UK sellers.“

The Menu

Sitting down with a cup of tea, I decided to look through my mom’s recipes for some inspiration for the evening’s menu. I opted to keep the food simple, fresh and including a few dishes that were suitable for guests that requested gluten free and vegetarian. I like to give everyone options and not just one dish that they are able to eat. 

Before the candles were lit and the lights were dimmed.

I also wanted the table decor to encompass a warm and inviting ambience, with food placed on sharing platters along the the long table. This informal dining style is great to encourage conversation. Bringing new people together with food is something I love, this is what makes entertaining special for me.

It’s a great conversation starter and something you have in common straight away -“Have you tried THAT dip?”

I usually prepare one large buffet for people to get up and choose from. This time it was a little different I made smaller dishes that would be placed along the table but often enough that everyone was able to taste everything. I really think this worked so well and I will definitely be doing this again very soon.

Hot Pickled Peppers with Cream Cheese & Za’atar Pitta Chips

The topic of discussion all night fell upon Mom’s Hot Pickled Peppers with Cream Cheese & Za’atar Pitta Chips. It was the star of the show, with everyone asking me for the recipe. I was absolutely blown away by the reaction and the disbelief on peoples faces when I told them how simple it is to make!

Here’s the recipe for you to try for yourself, please let me know what you think ! Here is the link: Hot Pickled Peppers with cream cheese & Za’atar Pitta Chips.

In Sweet Heaven

To end the evening on a high note, I lavishly dressed the dessert table with heaps of freshly baked cupcakes and of course, mom’s honey cake. Multi-coloured jelly beans, light and devilishly good chocolate mousses and mini mango puddings (both recipes can be found in the book).  Kerry (@itsmotherland) and Ciara (@ciarajanson) hovered over the display, discovering irresistible hidden gems. “Ooh look what I just found” was lovely to hear from girls.

One guest said that they felt that they were feasting at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and were waiting for lickable napkins to make an appearance. I just love it when people get excited about my food!