Air France in Partnership with Good Food #ParlezVousFrenchFood

Air France invited me to the French Institute in London to discover the beauty of French gastronomy, in light of the ‘Do you speak French Food?” campaign. The event was attended by a number of well-known gastronomes, as well as Raymond Blanc and Michel Roth.

Quintessentially French

I loved that I got the chance to speak with Raymond Blanc personally. He was extremely passionate about French food and it’s produce. Raymond explained, in great detail how he came from a family of 5 kids in a poor working-class family. The whole family simply lived off the produce of the land and farms surrounding the home. He’s keen for as many people as possible to experience classic French food/ produce without having to cross the pond.

Such a lovely and charismatic man whose passion for great food was utterly contagious.

Good France X Chefs Adopt a School Charity

During the event, I learned that Good France supports many charities here in London. I especially loved hearing about their partnership with Chefs Adopt a School (CAAS).

For more than 25 years the charity Chefs Adopt a School (CAAS), has been developing an educational programme to help school children discover the benefits of healthy food. Along with quality produce, food hygiene rules and the importance of sharing moments at the table. All the elements my mom passed down to me, as a foundation for cooking and coming together as a family.

The Pinnacle of French Patisserie

To supplement the core purpose of the event, the fine French food looked and tasted exquisite. The patisserie work was outstanding and really showcased the best of French baking.

The entire evening was joyous and I loved meeting others who were just as passionate about food as I am.

The Social Kitchen collaborated with Air France.