UJIA Charity Ladies Night

UJIA Charity contacted me to style the table centrepieces for their second annual UJIA charity ladies night dinner. The UJIA team told me that  250 people would be in attendance – this meant roughly 24 tables to style!

This event was the largest event for The Social Kitchen to date. The event took a lot of planning and organisation (not my strongest point) as there was no room for error.

Setting the Scene

With this being a charity dinner, it was important to be as cost-effective as possible. I also wanted Isreal to shine through which is why I gave the country a lot of thought to inspire the decor. Oranges are widely grown in Israel hence the delicious Jaffa Oranges I decided to adorn the tables with. Oranges are not only great for a pop of warming colour but also give an aromatic citrus scent to the room.
The table styling excited three senses; sight, touch and smell which made the experience more memorable to the UJIA ladies.

Table Keepsakes

I initially came up with the idea of doing something which allowed the centrepieces to be kept or donated after the event. It’s important for me when styling events that all the materials aren’t used just once and where possible, could be re-used.
The orange trees I used were donated to a special needs school in London, this meant the world to me seeing that these trees would serve more than the purpose of decoration for the evening.

Creating Your Own Showstopper Centrepiece

Feel free to a look here at how we created these tables to inspire you to create your own version at home. We’d love to see your designs on Instagram, please tag @The_Social_Kitchen, I’d LOVE to see what you create.
A special thank you to Chiko Photography for the brilliant photo’s capturing the mood perfectly.