How To Build Your Own Eucalyptus Centrepiece

Not only is eucalyptus incredibly calming, but it make a great table display! We had these as centerpieces for the tables at my sister’s wedding. Here is an easy step-by-step guide for how to make your own eucalyptus centrepiece. These are a great addition to your table if you’re entertaining, or just as an everyday piece to brighten up your home!

Things you will need

1 Large vase.

Florist Foam Oasis block from Hobby Craft (enough to fill the container that will sit on top of the vase)

1 Container – It should be bigger than the diameter of the vase you’ve chosen. 

Twigs – You can buy these from Dunelm or pick them up in the park!  

Florist tape or Sellotape.

Eucalyptus – one big bunch.

Bud bulb vases. These ones are perfect from Amazon 

Edison bulb light garland I bought mine from Not On the High Street


Step 1

Gather all the things your going to use on the table your going to be working from with a pair of scissors and a bin bag for all the rubbish.

Step 2

Cut the twigs so that they are the same height as the vase. You don’t want them popping out. If you want, you can fill the vase with water as well.

Step 3

Take the oasis bricks and place them into the container that will sit on top of the vase. If they don’t fit you can easily cut them down to size. 

Step 4

Soak the foam bricks and fit them back into the container. To soak correctly, Fill with water a large, deep bowl. Place the bricks on top of the water. Always allow it to float logo side up. Let the foam brick absorb the water until it rests at the bottom of the soaking bowl. Never push it down!

Step 5

Place the container with the now soaked foam bricks back on top of the vase. Use florist tape or sellotape to secure the container to the vase. Remember to be as neat as possible, as it may be visible to your guests!

Step 6

Hang the battery-operated Edison bulbs over the container at random lengths, to give the arrangement an industrial feel. Place the battery box up against the side of the top container and sellotape it securely. This makes for easy access when you want to switch it on and off and also keeps the batteries away from the water.

Step 7

Start adding the eucalyptus. Cut the branches and pull off the leaves nearest to the bottom of the stem so that you can easily stick them into the foam that is in the container at the top of the vase. Continue this until you feel that the arrangement feels full and inviting enough. You can really go for it here!