My Sisters Wedding

Photo Credit: Milly from Thoroughly Modern Milly

I don’t know how long I can keep saying this for but… I can’t believe my sister is married!!!

I was so consumed with wedding planning that the whole thing went by in a blur. Luckily, I have this platform to relive it! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting tips on how to make the big day extra special, plus ways you can replicate these ideas for low-key events at home.  

The Chuppah – Wedding Ceremony Room Photo Credit: Chiko Photography 

Planning this wedding gave me a chance to connect with my Mom, which inevitably brought whole bunch of feelings along with it. Regardless, I was absolutely determined that Megan’s wedding would be one of the most amazing days of her life. 

We laughed a few days before the wedding, when my brother reminded Megan that the bride usually says a couple of words to thank all who were involved. The joke was that she wouldn’t have a clue who to thank, as I’d done the whole thing! Megan has never been one to make a fuss over birthdays or to celebrate milestones, so this wedding really was the one and only celebration of my unique and wonderful sister.

Photo’s of each guest to tell them their table number – Photo Credit: Chiko Photography 

Some of the ideas came from months of thinking and some were last minute flashes of lightning that were just meant to be. As fun as the decorating was, the personal touches were the best. For example, half way through the wedding, Megan changed into white jeans and a T-shirt saying ‘happy’. It was something we’d planned together, but kept secret from everyone else and it was such a lovely moment. All the guests secretly wished they’d packed their own jeans and T-shirts! However, my personal favourite moment was one we didn’t plan –  my Grandpa suddenly deciding he was part of the choir when they sang The Lion King!   

Main Room Decor – Photo Credit: Chiko Photography 

All in all, it as a fabulous day. I’m so proud of my sister and wish Megan and Sam a long life of happiness, health and love!