Bread Ahead Doughnut Course

As I wondered around Borough Market last weekend, I hadn’t been there in a very long time. I was blown away by the food, people and mere energy that was oozing from this bustling hub of London history.

I came across Bread Ahead. I had read about Matt Jones and Justin Gellatly and their mouth-watering doughnuts that they make. I took one bite of the salted caramel doughnut and I knew I had to find out how to make these bites of heaven (a definite lifetime on my hips though).

I thought I would buy the book but when I asked the woman at the stall she said there was a school just around the corner. I literally ran over there to see when the next class was. There was one space available and it was on Wednesday. I booked there and then!

The teacher Aidan Chapman was absolutely amazing and a total treat to meet. He had so much experience and patience with the class.

Due to doughnuts being made with their special iconic recipe the dough needs 24hrs to prove (rise) and therefore we would not be making it from start to finish but they showed us everything.

He said we would start with day 2 and then go back to day 1 of making the doughnuts.

Imagine “Day 2” of making the doughnuts

They had pre made the dough for us, we weighed out the doughnuts and showed us how to shape them – they were placed onto a tray and put in there special heat room that would speed up the 24hr proving to just 1 hr.

“Day 1”
We then went back to day 1 while the dough was rising in the heated room. He showed us how to make the dough, how to mix and knead the dough with the palm of your hand pushing it away from you and scraping it back as the dough is quiet wet.

Once that was done that was put away in the fridge to take home.





Back to “Day 2”

The dough was ready to fry, showing how to fry them and then as soon as they come out of the fryer they are tossed in copious amounts of sugar.

Then the most delicious part of the day…….

the fillings and toppings.

Vanilla custard

Salted caramel custard


I would honestly recommend this class - It was an afternoon filled with delicious aromas and sticky fun.

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