Warm Winter Entertaining Menu

It was important for me to honour my Mom’s recipes and the project but I also wanted to introduce some new ones I've been working on.

Being a winter dinner, I added wintery in-season ingredients like hazelnuts and peas to a green salad. These small additions can totally change the texture and flavour, taking a simple dish and making it into an elaborate one. Try playing around with some classics. 




Creamy Spinach Dip (p. 36) 


Red Vegetable Soup (p.24) (GF/ DF)

Main Course

Broccoli & Pomegranate Salad (GF/ DF)

Winter Twist on a Classic Green Salad (GF/ DF)

Nutty Butternut Salad (p. 70) (GF/ DF)

Apricot and date Almond Chicken (GF/ DF)

Soy Salmon (p.110)(GF/ DF)

Onion Rings (p. 96) (GF/ DF)

Mom’s Magic Rice (GF/ DF)


Dairy-Free Pavlova (p.206) (GF/ DF)

Chocolate Chiffon Cake (p.208) with Crunchie topping 

Fruit Salad (GF/ DF)


Serving the food buffet style is an integral way my dinners work - it allows people to move around and engage with one another. I also find that my guests love to ask questions, pick my brains about the food and suss out if they can make the dishes at home themselves. Which they most certainly can!!


After baking a cake, you can easily jazz it up with some chocolate and biscuits. This time I crushed and crumbled some chocolate Crunchies over the top of my Chocolate Chiffon Cake. 

Tip: Experiment using dried raspberries, fresh edible flowers, nuts, other chocolates like flake crumbled over or sprinkles of any colour


No-one believed my pavlova was dairy-free, I just swapped normal cream with dairy-free cream and then whipped the cream with vanilla instant pudding to make it taste even betterHonestly, no one knew the difference and Sarah couldn’t keep her hands off it!


To say thank you to guests at my dinner parties I try to organise a goody bag/ gift. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive, a simple home-made gift works just as well. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands who contributed their product to our events, it’s all part of paying it forward, for both my guests and the brands I love. 


Popcorn Shed / Sensai / Batiste / Arm + Hammer / Wood Grey

Dani Signature 300 black