Meringue Girls Master Class

On Wednesday night the unicorns came out to play and I was delighted to be among them in this magical class with a curriculum focused purely on the creation of beautifully fluffy meringues.

I arrived at the class and after walking through the Barbie pink iron gates at the entrance, I found myself in this kitchen of dreams (as you can see in the picture bellow). The neon sign above the workstation gleamed “Meringue Girls” and candy-floss-coloured mixers perched proudly on shiny metal tables, waiting for the class to start.

There were two teachers and nine students, all there for the same purpose – creating the perfect meringue. It felt like a Meringue Anonymous Meeting, with everyone around the table telling their tales of cracked, flopped, tasteless baking attempts. It was just the most surreal and enchanting evening and I walked away with this essential lesson that I want to share with you: when baking meringues, the sugar that you add to the egg whites needs to be heated in the oven. The key is to make sure the sugar is just hot enough and at just the right time as the fluffy white peaks start to appear.

What a lovely thing to do on a dark winters eve. It will, without a doubt, put a spring in your step and sprinkle sweetness on your mood.

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