Throwing a Bonfire Night Party at Home

Once Halloween has been and gone, there’s little time to rest before it’s time to start planning your bonfire night celebrations. Whether you usually visit a local firework display or like to stay at home and celebrate in your own garden, It’s a great occasion to get socialising and have some fun.

I’ve pulled together some fun ideas which you can adopt for throwing a Bonfire night party at home.

Safety First

Remember, remember – safety is the first most important aspect to hosting a bonfire party. Plan ahead where you will build your bonfire, keeping it a safe distance from any trees, fences or buildings. Make sure you plan where your spectators will be and make it as clear as possible with tape or rope. Once you have the safety side locked down you’ll feel much more relaxed and ready to party.

Delicious food

Cooking the food for the party is always my favourite part. When dining outside during the colder months, you want food that’s warming and incredibly moreish. Here are a few of my treasured bonfire night dishes for you to enjoy too.

Over the fire, chilli con carne

Credit: Jamie Oliver

Spiced Apple Turnovers

Credit: supergoldenbakes

Smore Station

Credit: Pinterest

Hot chocolate with marshmallows 

Credit: Pinterest

Snuggle up and keep warm

Keeping warm is important when having a party outside. There’s not much fun in standing around cold, so having lots of warm blankets available for your friends and family will help. If you’re sitting around a bonfire, be careful not to sit too close with fabric blankets- we don’t want any accidents.

Credit: Pinterest

Drawing your name with sparklers 

Sparklers are so much fun for everyone- what’s bonfire night without waving your sparkler around like a wand after all! As always, use sparklers with caution and follow the safety instructions on the pack.

Credit: Pinterest

Garden Decorations

Wrap fairy lights around anything and everything! Fairy lights are fantastic for adding sparkle and warm lighting to outdoor parties. Large lanterns are also pretty additions to the garden to create light and a cosy atmosphere.

Credit: Pinterest

This is such a lovely time of the year to spend time with loved ones. Just wrap up really warm, double up on socks and bring our your thickest gloves. Enjoy eating lots of yummy foods and watching the colourful fireworks.

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