The Social Kitchen Ticketed Supper Club

Having done the supper club with Rosie Fortescue in July. I was so lucky people had been emailing and messaging me through social media to ask me to send them an invite next time I hosted a supper club. So it was only natural to put a date in the diary to start the ball rolling…

Planning a dinner party, I usually have it at home but if its not, the first step is to find the venue. I wanted to use a place that has charm and I could add my ribbons, beads, flowers, candles and of course my favourite thing of the moment The Social Kitchen neon light. I wanted to make it feel like you walking into The Social Kitchen, my dreamy world.

The Elgin in Maida Vale was a perfect fit; with raw red brick walls, worn wooden tables all different sizes and old fashion sash windows.

I headed to in my opinion the best place for flowers, new Covent Garden Flower Market at 6am. As I arrived the guys there were laughing at me, they said I was a bit late. There were still some beautiful fresh cut flowers but it wasn’t the cream of the crop as all the florists had been and gone by 3am. As dedicated as I am, this is still a bit of a push for me.

I did most of the cooking at my parent’s house in Mill Hill as they have a nice size kitchen for me to spread out. To be honest it makes me feel connected and happy to cook in the same kitchen as my mom did and where she would have been preparing her own dinner parties.

Setting up
My friend Candice and of course Polly where on hand to help and between the 3 of us in a matter of 3 hours we turned the room around with all the purple hydrangeas, pink roses and silvery toned eucalyptus leaves together with all the trinkets. The food displayed deliciously over the counter top in a buffet style.

This is a little limiting as I was only allowed to heat food at the venue, which means that everything needs to be precooked or served cold.

The starters, I made a few homemade dips that I placed in mismatched dishes. I cut up a generous amount of veggies. Completely covering the worn wooden side tables with crunched up brown parchment paper to protect the table and to also give it a little bit more character. I placed the dips on top, scattered the veggies all over the table as if they had gracefully fallen out of the dish. I carried on this cascading effect with a cheese board with crackers, figs, and grapes.

Social Networking
With a world of social media I think we are starting to forget how to connect in person. Getting back to basics, just to speak to each other can be so interesting, opening your world up to many new things. I think that it is only natural that people feel a little uneasy if they don’t know each other. Therefore my job was to introduce people and to give them a common ground to spark conversation. I absolutely love connecting people and seeing them get on and network, it is so inspiring.

Goody bags

Nothing nicer than going home with some exciting new finds and some good old classics!

Popcorn shed 
Rockin’ good salt co. 
La Roche Posay 
Bag from Tanya Lee 
Isle of Olive
Chocolates from Coco Bijoux 
Schwartz spices 

Dani Signature 300 black