We had the most beautiful evening at The Social Kitchen, it felt like we walked straight into a fairytale! The food was so delicious and we loved that it was served buffet style so you could try a bit of everything. Definitely an evening we’ll remember!

Megan Taylor

I had a fantastic time at The Social Kitchen Supper Club. The atmosphere and decor were magical, the food divine and best of all I was able to meet the inspirational Danny. I wish the TSK supper clubs could happen more often.

Georgina Wong

I had such a great evening at The Social Kitchen, and enjoyed eating delicious food in a beautiful setting. Everything was thought out meticulously, from each tasty dish to the goodie bags we received at the end.

London Food Fatty

London Food Babes

Oreke Mosheshe

Lauren Maher

My evening at the Social Kitchen Supper Club was phenomenal. The flavours, the recipes, the thought, the preparation the serving was all exceptional. I ate everything again again and again and at the end of the evening was presented with a beautiful book of recipes. The best bit about the Supper Club is the friendly, relatable curators Dani and Polly, who dine with you like friends, bringing a warm, family like dining experience. This is a must!

Holly Dillon