My Perfect Passover Table

Passover or as we call it Pesach, being one of the most commonly observed Jewish holidays is important to my family and I. Every year we try and think of fresh, innovative ideas to bring the table to life and to create the perfect Passover table. Pesach, in essence, is about family and friends coming together around a table to understand Jewish history but for me it is about spending quality time with loved ones. What better opportunity could there be to treat your guests to a really special setting?

Here are a few little quirks I will be using on my table this year:


Melt the chocolate in a bowl and spoon it into a plastic Ziploc bag (if you can resist eating it before!). Snip a tiny whole in the corner of the bag. You can now use it to write out the names of your guests by squeezing the chocolate from the hole, directly onto the matzos. Before the chocolate dries, use any kind of sprinkles over the top to add colour.


Asking questions is a big part of this holiday. It’s a great opportunity whilst everyone’s sitting together. In today’s world, people have busy lives and sometimes we forget to go back to the basics of getting to know each other. Question cards are a great way to make people feel at ease. In my family, our kitchen table has always been a place for full and open conversation and we love bringing in new people. If we meet someone for the first time and find out they have no dinner plans, we invite them to join us – a truly South African trait!

Print this out and fill in your question:

A few questions that I am going to be using at my table:

  1. Which life experiences have given you hope?
  2. What do you consider your “promised land” in heaven or on earth?
  3. Freedom is a central theme of Passover. When in your life have you felt the most free
  4. If you could write an 11th commandment, what would it be?
  5. What’s the longest journey you have ever taken?
  6. If you were an Israelite packing for 40 years in the desert, which three modern items would you take?



I am going to use old photos of my family and of course my mom as table decoration. It is not only a beautiful reminder of the people we have loved and lost but it can also be a great talking point! Have you seen my sister when she was little?


Instead of standard frames I used candlesticks, paper clips and corks.