My Extra Sweet Rosh Hashana Table Setting

I always like to create a really special setting for friends and family to enjoy their Rosh Hashanah meal, but that doesn’t mean spending a fortune. To give you an example, I put together this table setting for under a hundred pounds and look how inviting it is!

As we are going into Autumn I went for a darker colour scheme than I’ve been using lately. It’s important to include bright elements when doing this, as you want your table to look rich and warm, rather than simply dark. That’s why I used the pink plates and flowers. You’ll also notice I’ve used pomegranates in abundance! Not only are they a great way to brighten up your table, but they are also symbolic of our hopes for a sweet and pleasant year and the seeds represents all the wonderful events of the future – or at least I like to think so! One year, I ask everyone to bring a fruit platter to Rosh Hashanah and my sister’s boyfriend turned up with one pomegranate, which made us all laugh hysterically. The pomegranate became an even bigger point of focus when Megan decided to count every seed, proclaiming that if there were 613 seeds (corresponding to the 613 commandments of the Torah), he’d have to propose to her! Unfortunately, there were nowhere near that many!

But back to the table setting!  

Here are the key elements that made this table:

Hessian table cloth 

Pink dinner plates 

Grey side plates

Gold cutlery

Pink and dusty red flowers


Honey dippers – your guests can take away with them

Golden syrup tins

Tips: You can also add more to your setting, like red and pink wrapped Quality Street, dates, Challah bread, honey jars.

If you do want to replicate this exactly, here is what you need:

See, it really was a bargain!