TSK always loves collaboration, especially with people that share similar values and dreams.

We Are Twinset (WAT) wanted to host a dinner to say thank you to their nearest and dearest for being incredibly supportive and loyal friends. WAT for those who don’t know is a beautiful fashion and beauty blog that I have come to love.

The dinner, which was one of my first for a small crowd in a more intimate setting that my usual supper clubs, was hosted by me in my aunt’s beautiful Highgate home, which definitely helped set the tone for a memorable evening.

As the girls arrived, each and every one of them walked into the room and absolutely loved the table setting. Even the gentle background added something to the overall tone, which was notably lovely.

Thanks to my aunt’s Sonos System and to Spotify’s “Dinner Smooth” playlist. It all contributed to the experience.

I put together a delicious wintery menu that suited the December weather to a tee.
Bless my aunt; cooking has never been her thing. She tried to explain to me how the Aga works but it was the blind leading the blind, because neither of us had a clue.

And because Agas don’t have a temperature gauge, I was faced with high levels of anxiety and had to use my faith and strong senses to get through the cook, but somehow I was able to pull it all together and the food was delicious.

The small coziness of the dinner allowed everyone to catch up with friends and to take a break from the business of life in order to connect. With no iphones in site, every person was in the moment enjoying real quality time with friends.

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