Improving my Skills: Photography Training

Lesson to be learnt


Improving my Skills: Photography Training

I’ve spent a great deal of time researching what makes an outstanding blog. The answer is simple: Good content, great content and amazing content! Everything else is surplus. In this day and age the competition is huge and visual content has to be impeccable in order to stand out.

With that in mind, I realised that it was time to move away from the iPhone snaps, though they’d served me well and decided to seek professional advice on my photography. When researching online, I came across William Reavell, who runs food photography classes. William teaches at Leith’s Cooking school, which is where my Mum worked back in the day. I felt like this was a sign and immediately booked in with him.

My session was an intense four hours of discovering key functions of a digital camera. I learnt the difference between aperture and shutter speed and how best to use these dials in the simplest of ways. He taught me all about lighting, composition and how to dress an image.

These are my top three tips

Lighting – I always thought it was correct to photograph my food with the light hitting it. Turns out I was wrong and setting the food in front of the light makes all the difference!

Props – Crockery, cutlery, cloths and other artefacts can really change the mood of a photo.

Water spray or oil – A great way to keep fruit and vegetables looking lush and fresh is by spritzing them with water or dabbing a bit of oil. And no… it’s not cheating!

In just a few hours, William made it possible to walk away with knowledge that makes all the difference.  I couldn’t recommend his expertise more!