Set the Table: Taylor Swift The Torturted Poets Department

As a big fan of Taylor Swift, I've always admired her music and I am fascinated by her effect on society. I think she is an incredibly smart and savvy business woman with great talents. When she released her new album 'The Tortured Poets Department' I instantly thought ‘I need to do a tablescape!’ The vibe I picked up was a gothic black-and-white aesthetic!Taylor Swift 'The Tortued Poets Deparment TablescapeMy Process: 

1. I set the tone of the table by placing lots of layers of white soft flowing fabric as tablecloths and runners down the middle. This created some ripples and different levels on the table ready for the rest of the tableware.

2. Now that the base of the table is done, the fun can start! I crumpled-up pieces of manuscript music paper scattered it across the table which ties to Taylor Swift and the music and her love for songwriting. 

3. Add your crockery. Adding the crockery early on in the process is an essential step. Firstly for the spacing to make sure everything fits but also to capture the correct vibe, which is based around your tableware. The key to capturing the essence of Swift's album The Tortured Poets Department is in the details. I chose crockery that echoed the album's themes of depth and contrast. The Black Bead Charger served as a striking foundation, symbolising the darkness that often accompanies artistic introspection. Layered atop it were the Ivory Braid Dinner Plate and the White Bead Bread Plate, representing the interplay between light and shadow in Swift's Fortnight music video.

Black Bead Charger Plate, Ivory Braid Dinner Plate and the White Bead Bread Plate, representing the interplay between light and shadow in Swift's Fortnight music video.
4. I then added in my glassware. Glassware played a big role in enhancing the visual narrative of the tablescape. The Vintage Champagne Coupe Glasses and Vintage Wine Glasses Small from the events tableware collection went hand in hand with the vintage cutlery and created a gothic vibe from this. Added from the props collection are the Smoke Glass Goblets glasses which also added a different texture and colour to the table.
The Vintage Champagne Coupe, Vintage Wine Glasses Small and Smoke Glass Goblet glassware props hire and events hire

5. To complement the gothic elegance of the crockery, I turned to vintage cutlery, evoking a sense of unearthly timelessness. The Vintage Cutlery Collection added a touch of old-world charm, reflecting the timeless quality of Swift's music.


Beautiful silver vintage cutlery set from The Social Kitchen

6.  The props that truly brought the tablescape to life. I also added white mini Roman pillars and played with a thick white candle on top. I also got 2 candle holders angel-like which also had grey tall candle sticks. This brought the look together, infusing a gothic and earthy vibe. The flickering from the candles and the dramatic props convey a mirroring of the emotive intensity of Swift's music. Finally, to save the best for last, I got a typewriter especially for this look!

Taylor Swift The Tortued Poets Department Tablescape. 

Creating the Taylor Swift "The Tortured Poets Department" tablescape was a journey through music and imagination. Through carefully selected crockery, glassware, cutlery, and accessories, I sought to capture the essence of Taylor Swift's album and bring its poetic imagery to life in a tangible, immersive experience. As I sit at this table, surrounded by echoes of Swift's music, I am reminded of the power of art to inspire, to move, and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.