A Festive Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is the perfect excuse to make a fuss over your table setting. Here is how I made this really festive table with a few simple ideas. You can find all the items I used on this table in your high street and I kept it below £60 for all the decorations. 


I found this tartan red and green blanket for £10 at Sainsbury’s which is only available in the larger stores and only in store. However this one from Dunelm would work really well too. I used it as the table cloth, it sets the tone for the whole table setting. If your table is bigger than the blanket then get more than one and lay it on the diagonal.

Brown Paper Bag 

I went to my local fruit and veg shop and asked them for some brown paper bags they use for bagging items. These made a great place mat that you could also write your guests’ names on for the name place setting or even ‘Happy Christmas’ – get creative, doodle away.


I went for deep dark red hydrangeas and berries with eucalyptus to lift the colour scheme. What I think is the key to this look are the pink roses! 

Tie a Knot

Deep red fabric napkins – pull at opposite corners to make it as long as possible, then tie them a knot. I added a few mini pinecones that were on a wire and hooked it into the knot. However the knot on its own is a great addition to any table.


Add in some ornaments that you feel are too special for your tree or even the ones that you don’t have enough room for. These are a perfect way to spark a conversation. You could even ask your guests to bring an ornament that they think best represents them but must have a hint of …(add in one of the colours on your table) 

Photo Credit: Iona Wolff

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