8 Creative Chanukah Menorahs

Chanukah is the festival of lights. As we light an extra candle each night why don’t you create a different menorah with things you have at home. Here are a few creative ideas that I have found that I love.



Credit: lifehacker.com

Who doesn’t love PEZ? Take your kids’ toys or the old school toys you remember and make them into a menorah.

Floating Flowers


Credit: southernweddings

All you need are some large vases and floating candles. Fill the vases with water and add some greenery. Remember to have one candle that is much higher than the rest so it stands out.



Credit: revelandglitter.com

Rainbow coloured jelly beans: you can use your everyday glasses or even wine glasses.



Credit: Pinterest

Use a mix of your crystal candle sticks lined up.

Mason Jars 

Credit: cfabbridesigns.com

Tip the mason jar upside down and place a tea light on top, it is as simple as that.



Credit: madeliefje-madelief.blogspot.co.uk

Ok, so not everyone has a load of the same kind of candle sticks such as in the previous all crystal candle stick idea. But I think I love this more – mix all the different candles you do have.


Credit: brasspaperclip.typepad.com

Using salt and pepper Sellars remove the screw tops, fill with water and add a drop of food colouring to create any colour you want.

Paper Flowers


Credit: Pinterest

This one isn’t a Menorah but it so could be and a beautiful one at that. Just use some branches and glue paper flowers, leaves and of course those little plastic candle holders.

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