7 Last Minute DIY Christmas Wreaths

This year I have loved seeing all the Christmas DIY wreaths being shared all over my Instagram feed. I wanted to give you a few last minute ideas that won’t take you long to make. 

Wrap it in a bow

Credit: Homedit.com

There are some amazing bows out there and all you would need to do is glue them onto a ring like this one from Hobbycraft.



Credit: Pinterest

Some wool, beads and leaves.



Credit: forcreativejuice.com

Using a wire hanger, make the right shape and then feed all the baubles you want onto the wire.

Pom Pom

Credit: Pinterest

Make, or even buy, different kinds of pom poms and add in a few other ornaments that you like. Lay them out to see if you like the arrangement then simply glue them into place.



Credit: delightfullydishy.com

Use any kind of ring as your base then tie ribbon pieces on until it is as full as you like.

Old toys

Credit: Pinterest

Using all the old toys lying around, or if you don’t have kids, find some at the local charity shop.

Pages of our lives


Credit: Knickoftime

If you’re a book worm then this is the wreath for you!

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