Over the years of working in various offices, and talking to friends about their own workplaces, I’ve noticed a common theme: bad food spreads. If you’re a boss, providing a feast for the eyes of delicious foods can make all the difference to your office party. Whether it’s a staff birthday, a team meeting, or a celebration because it’s a Friday, here are some simple ideas for elevating your office party.



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There’s nothing more depressing than a glass of warm wine to kick off a party! Make sure you keep the bottles in the fridge, or freezer in the run-up to a do, or better – on ice! Go the extra mile and ask your team if they have any preferences with drinks. Some may not like beer or wine, some may not drive alcohol at all, be thoughtful and try to involve everyone in the team.


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As fun as it is to blow out candles on a cake, it’s a lot easier for staff to grab a box of cupcakes. It also means you can have an array of flavours and no one will be left out and everyone can have their own cupcake. The cupcake casing will also form as a mini plate meaning less mess to clean up!


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Instead of the usual Walkers multi-pack, why not push the boat out on crisps? Homemade kale crisps would be a real treat, but shop bought vegetable crisps work perfectly well, too.


Something as simple as adding a few pomegranate seeds or a sprinkle of paprika to your hummus will make all the difference to your spread. Check out my blog on different ways creating your own pretty hummus.  


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Get creative and make individual snack pots for your team. All you need is a pot of hummus of sour cream and chive dip, pre-chopped veggies and mini pots. The longest part is putting the pots together, so if you have a large team it might not be the best use of your time. These little pots are perfect for personalisation and will make your team feel that they have their own little portion to pick at if they wish. Again, less washing up of separate dishes- fab!


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If you are able to order finger sandwiches, or lucky enough to have one of the team who can make them, do so. They never go unappreciated! Some easy fillings include cucumber and cream cheese, ham and cheddar, smoked salmon, or egg mayo. You can get fancy by adding elements on top such as cucumber radishes or an extra layer of cheese or met, or you can decide to keep it simple. Any leftovers will be eaten throughout the day.

Keep it Fresh

Keeping your team healthy isn’t a difficult task and why not get fun with it. I’ve created a watermelon pizza with fresh fruit, greek yogurt with granola on top. This is so easy to create and you just need the above items on your shopping list and some help chopping the fruit up. The team will appreciate the effort gone through to create this and it’s so tasty, I promise!