7 Simple Autumnal Ideas for your Table Setting

Though the UK weather has suggested a myriad of seasons over the last few weeks, we are in fact in the full swing of Autumn! Aesthetically, I think Autumn is one of the most pleasing seasons, mainly because of the richness of colour. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about interesting ways to Autumn-ify my table settings and wanted to share a few simple but brilliant ideas, from Pinterest.


Pine cones are easy to find and immediately bring a forest-like feel into your home. You can scatter them on your table or gather them in a bowl with flowers and greenery. The great thing is, you can use pine cones right up until Christmas!


It’s needless to say that red grapes are naturally the shades of autumn, even though they aren’t strictly speaking an autumn fruit. I love the way the candles match the tones, in this image, and what a clever idea to use the grapes as candle holders!


Dark tomatoes, plums, cherries, blueberries, artichoke and figs are only a few of the fruits that could be used for your autumn setting. Combine with leaves and flowers and present in a bowl, or simple scatter across the centre of your table.

Photo Credit: josevillablog.com www.crazyforus.com


You can collect any type of leaves from the garden and spray paint them gold, to bring a little shimmer to your table. I love the way the leaves here have been combined with amber tea lights. Nothing about autumn is dull!


The brown glass that apothecary bottles are made out of, make them the perfect vases for an autumnal setting. You can also use old brown beer bottles and dark coloured wine bottles for the effect.

Photo Credit: www.rockmywedding.co.uk


OK, this is a Christmas tradition! But because of the colours, I had to include it here. Thread the orange slices and cinnamon sticks with one long thread and wrap around a church pillar candle, like so. No one can say you aren’t being original! Here is a link to show you how you can dry citrus fruits at home to make this decoration from scratch if you have the time. 


I don’t know why we don’t use these more. They are so rich and colour, not to mention they smell delicious! Slice open a few blood oranges and place them around your table. Use similar coloured flowers to really brighten up your setting. 

Photo Credit: 100layercake.com