6 Unconventional DIY Place Settings Ideas

My sister Megan got engaged and now all the fun starts with planning her wedding. I've spent hours on Pinterest creating mood boards with decor ideas that reflect her unconventional nature. I want every little detail to reflect her zest for life. It struck me that unusual name holders are a subtle but effective way to make any table setting look quirky. 

Here are six amazing ideas I found… 

1. Artichoke

Credit: weddingsparrow.com

2. Lightbulb

Credit: 100layercake.com 

3. Sweetie Necklace

Credit: lamarieeauxpiedsnus.com

4. Plastic Figurine

Credit: emeraldandella.com.au

5. Marble Slab

Credit: snippetandink.com

6. Tiny Vase

Credit: blog.theweddingofmydreams.co.uk