10 safari table setting ideas

My sister and I spent an incredibly memorable weekend at the Madikwe Safari Lodge, in the bush of South Africa. It was a real pleasure for me to be able to show her what my parents had shown me years ago, something that our Mum had never had the chance to do with her. Being in such a beautiful setting, in amongst the wildlife and a culture so different to our own, I felt inspired to recreate the setting at home. I scoured Pinterest for safari themed tables and found so many clever and inventive creations.

Here are the top ten tips I found:

1.Lanterns are very reminiscent of a safari lodge, as you see them everywhere. Get a couple of lanterns, together with white table cloths and wicker place mats are such a simple combination and easy to do but as you can see so effective.

2. I love the idea of filling glass vases with sand, or you could use brown sugar. Then all you need is some green leaves and a safari animal – easy to find!

3. This table has a much more traditional feel to it. All you need to take from it are the bamboo succulent plants, a beautiful runner and you’re set to go!

4. The wicker combined with the midnight blue gives this table the feeling of a magical safari evening. The stars in the bush are second to none.

5. You can buy vases ready painted with animal prints, or why not paint them yourself? Either freestyle or buy some stencils and get creative!

6. Wicker is an obvious go to but it was actually the potted plants that caught my attention in this one. What a great example of bringing the outdoors in!


7. Why not use a huge map as a table cloth? If you want to, you can go the extra mile and add the gadgets as decorations.

8. Using an animal print table cloth will immediately make people think of Africa. This gives the setting that instant safari feeling. You can buy some fabric with any animal print like a Zebra print. Cut out a skin like shape, like in this image and using a thick permanent marker to edge it or you can use a hot glue gun and some black rope to give it an edging.

9.  Using moss as your runner is a very clever way to create the feeling of an earthy setting. Add leaves and flowers at the centre and then you can use all your usual bits.

10. Blankets folded over chairs are a nice touch if you’re eating outside and are a great contribution to the over all theme.

Credit: cheetahplains.com