Zaatar Hassle Back Sweet Potatoes

National Vegetarian Week 2017

This is honestly the best flavour combination I have tasted.


4 Sweet Potatoes 

5 tbsp Sour Cream 

Glug of Olive Oil

Pinch of Za’atar

Pinch of Rock Salt 

Pomegranate Seeds


Pre heat the oven 180c

Using 2 wooden spoons, place them on either side of 1 of the sweet potatoes and cut through until you hit the spoons and continue doing this until you have done the whole sweet potato. Do the same with the other sweet potatoes. 

Place the potatoes onto a baking tray and drizzle olive oil and sprinkle the za’atar and rock salt over and bake until soft roughly 45mins. 

When soft take them out the oven and place onto your serving dish. Spoon over the sour cream and sprinkle some more zahatar and rock salt and lastly, pomegranate seeds.