TSK X Creating for Good

Creating For Good’s event was a collection of like-minded people coming together to learn how they can develop their skills. What really struck me was how many people are passionate about using their professional capabilities to give back. I immediately felt a strong sense of connection because that is the whole idea that The Social Kitchen was born out of. As the Creative Conference got underway my Instagram was going crazy, it was beyond exciting! Here are a few posts that made me smile…

The key word of the day was ‘collaboration’ and the message was that the future is about people working together. Every single person I met was down-to-earth, authentic and creative, from influencers such as the Boy Who Bakes and Candidly by Jo, to the very talented committee and, of course, the attendees.

I was faced with the task of providing a light breakfast and lunch for 70 people. I realised how helpful it is to have other people around to give an opinion, as the one person I would have usually called in that situation was my Mum.

I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that the talented committee of Creating for Good were so excited about The Social Kitchen. It made me think I must be doing something right!

Here is a little glimpse of what I prepared for the day:

Photo Credit: Charlotte Huco www.charlottehu.co


Almond, soy and semi-skimmed milks

Corn Flakes

Strawberry Crunch Cereal

Gluten Free Vegan Apple Cinnamon Cereal

Greek Yoghurt

Granola and Honey

Bowl of easy to grab fruits


Spring salad of edamame, sugar snaps, lettuce and garden peas with a Japanese dressing

Tomato and sweet corn salad with a strawberry balsamic glaze

Fig and pine nut salad with a sweet soy dressing

Soy salmon

Greek Salad

Chicken and Hazelnut salad

Choice of Spelt, Potato or Cabbage salads

Selection of bread and crackers served with hummus and tzatziki dips

Photo Credit: Charlotte Huco www.charlottehu.co


Funfetti cake

Chocolate chiffon

Selection of chopped fruit


Mini cheesecake tarts

Childhood favourite sweets

Photo Credit: Giulia Mule mondomulia.com

The dessert table was TSK’s most visual aspect. It even got moved across the room by the organisers in order to get the attention it deserved. It was carnage to move but totally worth it! My favourite feature of the table was the baby pink kitchen-aid filled with marshmallows and meringues.

Discussion Panel

On the panel were Edd Kimber aka The Boy Who Bakes, a food writer, stylist and winner of The Great British Bake OffDominique Audibert from Whalar, which is a platform that works as the middle man between brands and influences; Jo Yee, the brains behind Creating For Good and also a highly talented photographer; and Jess Henderson, travel writer and photographer.

Photo Credit: Giulia Mule mondomulia.com