The Perfect Picnic Table At Home

Bring on The Summer


Think Hippie living picnic! Bedouin tents, gypsy vans, and Laurel Canyon gardens. Pull together all the cushions and rugs you can find and bring your interiors outside. The more colours the better! It’s always nice to have a low table for your guests to eat from.  You can either use your coffee table or find some old crates and boxes, which can be overturned and covered in tablecloths. Set your table just as you would inside with flowers, candles and lanterns for atmosphere. 

Quirky Extra

If you feel like getting crafty, why not make your own lanterns? Get a few paper bags and fill them with sand and a single battery powered tea light (we don’t want burning lanterns here!) These can go on your table or you can use them to create a runway down the garden to your picnic setting. 

Food & Drink

Another great picnic hack is popping paper cupcake holders on top of your drinking cups to prevent little bugs from getting in.

Credit: Pinterest

Set out to prepare a light and refreshing summer buffet to serve at your picnic. Take a look at my Pretty Hummous for a quick and easy side dish to decorate the table. For more ideas on creating a beautiful picnic, check out my post on 6 Tips for All Your Picnics This Summer

Finally, pop open the rosé and enjoy the sun!