The Classic White Tableware Set

The Classic White Tableware Set

The Classic White Tableware Set lives up to its name—it's truly a classic. Each piece in this set has been meticulously curated to suit a wide range of occasions. Planning large events can often be stressful and overwhelming. That's why our sets are designed for ease and an enjoyable experience. Event planners also appreciate our sets because we’ve done the hard work of selecting the perfect tableware for them.

The Classic White Tableware set. With vimtage cutlery and a beuatufl wedding table

What’s Included in The Set:

The beauty of our Classic White Tableware Set features an exquisite selection of ivory and white tones, perfect for any formal event. The combination of these timeless hues with our carefully curated pieces creates an atmosphere of understated elegance and refinement.

The Social Kitchen- The Classic White Taableware Set for formal occasions

To enhance your tablescape, we recommend a few of the many props from our extensive collection. We offer a wide range of colours, textures, and pieces that complement the Classic White Tableware Set beautifully. This versatile set works well with various colour schemes due to its timeless appeal. For a classic look, we suggest:

The Social Kitchen Classic White Set. a eutiful weding table

These props will add the perfect finishing touches to your table, creating a cohesive and stylish ambience for any occasion. 

Curated Sets are designed for ease. Get in touch to book The Classic White Tableware Set!


Please note that this set is for a minimum of 10 people.