There’s nothing like a cocktail to get you into the holiday spirit! Though I grew up in a family of non-drinkers, my Mum would always make a pitcher of Sangria, when we were in Spain. She’d join us outside, as the sun went down, having been inside all day because of her skin problems, and we’d sit and chat, enjoying the last rays over a delicious glass of Sangria. What I would do to have one more night like that! There are a lot of ways to make Sangria, but this is the Tucker way. We always use handpicked oranges from the garden that my Mum planted and loved so much.


1 bottle Red Wine

(a fruity, full bodied, somewhat-dry red Spanish wine will do)

300ml Lemonade 

100ml Orange Juice 

2 Cups of Ice 

1 Orange

1 Apple 

3 tbsp Brown Sugar 


Dice the apples, leaving the skin on, and cut the oranges into quarters and slices. Place the fruit into a large pitcher, add the brown sugar and mix up with a wooden spoon. Add the orange juice, lemonade, red wine and stir well. Take a little taste and adjust the flavour to suit you. Add the ice and stir once again. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes. You may need to add a little more ice before serving. Garnish with orange segments and a flourish of mint to finish.