Introducing The Social Kitchen Studio

Introducing The Social Kitchen Studio

From my mother's kitchen to the heart of The Social Kitchen Studio marks a significant milestone. It's a full circle moment, bridging the lessons learned and memories shared in my mother's kitchen with this new endeavour. I'm thrilled to unveil our versatile space, designed to ignite inspiration and collaboration. 

Our studio comprises Studio A and Studio B, each offering unique features tailored to various needs. Studio A boasts a bespoke kitchen with a movable island, perfect for large-scale productions and collaborative events. Meanwhile, Studio B provides a smaller setup, ideal for prep work or as extra space.

white shaker kitchen with tall ceiling and white linen curtains and brass details


With a curated selection of props sourced from around the world, we offer everything you need to bring your creative vision to life. From glassware to textiles, our collection enhances the aesthetic appeal of every project

Inspired by a neutral palette and abundant natural light, our studios provide the perfect canvas for a photoshoot. With soft whites and warm wood accents, every dish takes centre stage amidst the inviting glow of natural light.


I am also looking forward to hosting some workshops and collaborative events in the near future. Whether it's cooking workshops, photography workshops, or simply connecting with others, I want The Social Kitchen Studio to be a creative hub.

Join us at The Social Kitchen Studio whether you're a chef, photographer, brand, or food enthusiast, there's a space waiting for you at our studio.

Photography By Jemma Watts

Interior Design By D Three Studio