Hosting a Beautiful BBQ

The sun is out and the weekend is here, there’s no better excuse to host your own beautiful BBQ. This list of BBQ party essentials will split your planning time in half and allow you time to socialize with your guests and actually enjoy the day. Mark your next BBQ in the calendar and start sending out invites today.

If you’re that person looking out of the window wondering how on earth you could pitch up an instant BBQ let alone a full on party, well fear not, i’ve got a post on how to set up your outdoor space ready for summer. Thank me later!


To keep the food stress-free, prepare quick dishes such as my Melon Berry Salad. The colours are a bonus – there’s something so appetising about them! I recommend serving this dish alongside another light summer salad and a fish dish. A perfect summer BBQ menu.


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Have your cutlery styled and ready to go. Wrap them, tie them and set them in a bucket for easy grab-and-go appeal.



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Let guests cool down in style with large drink dispensers. These are a great way for everyone to easily help themselves. Fun seasonal cocktails could include sangria, (Recipe here) mojitos or a fruity summer punch.


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For a refreshingly sweet and clever twist, why not use frozen fruit in place of ice in your drinks? Place a berry or edible flowers in each cube of your ice tray before freezing. The drinks will look so pretty and will add that special touch- perfect for sipping in the sun.


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You could also fill up the wheelbarrow with vintage soft drinks and ice – it just adds to the essence of a garden party!



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If there are enough guests coming and an abundance of food being served, use the style and functionality of a menu blackboard to your advantage. No one will have questions about what they’re eating and it helps to transform your garden or outdoor space into a celebratory, cosy space.


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Keep your food simple, but make sure your table is dressed to impress. Add bright and vibrant wildflowers in tin cans or mason jars to the table for extra pops of colour.



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I love oil lamps and lanterns, fairy lights and glass jars filled with T-lights – some extra lighting when the sun goes down is always needed. Twinkly lights create a whimsical atmosphere whilst the lanterns deliver something a bit more romantic.


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With barbeques– the more edible accouterments, the better. Let your guests customize their burgers and hot dogs with a toppings station. Go beyond ketchup and mayo by setting up a table or stand with a whole assortment of mustards and cheese, crumbled bacon, guacamole, pickles, onions, BBQ sauce and salsas.


For pudding, stick with the barbeque theme and put some fruit on the grill such as peaches or bananas. You could also have a ‘build your own doughnut’ station. Just grill the doughnuts on the barbeque for a couple of minutes, until golden lines are formed, then flip to do the other side. Add melted chocolate, summer berries, sprinkles or whatever topping takes your fancy and voila! A simple but tasty treat that all the family will love.


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There’s no better solution for early guests and the post-lunch slump than a collection of no-skills required lawn games. Set out a basket of frisbees, skittles and badminton rackets – along with a croquet set – your guests will be in their element!


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I also think it’s such a nice idea to keep a variety of outdoor survival tools at hand like sun lotion, insect repellant and fans to help keep guests cool, protected from the sun and bite free!