Edible Christmas Wreath Making Workshop with Pinterest

There has been a HUGE trend with Christmas wreaths this year. It seems that everybody is obsessed. A few weeks ago, I made an edible Christmas wreath using pastries. You can look at my recipe HERE if you like.

I’ve also been working with the lovely women at Pinterest recently and along with being shortlisted for ‘Best Food Styling 2018’ award at their BBC Good Food awards, they also invited me to recreate my Rainbow Fruit Heart and also teach a workshop.

An idea for the workshop that immediately popped into my head was to make edible Christmas wreaths- it’s very on trend after all.

How to Create Your Own Edible Wreath

To create your own edible wreath all you need is:

  • 1 piece of parchment paper with 2 circles drawn (one large, one smaller) to create your wreath outline
  • Piping bags of icing to act as the glue to hold all your sweet treats in place
  • A choice of toppings- I included sweeties, meringues, mini cupcakes, sprinkles but really you can be as imaginative as you want here
  • A piece of ribbon to tie into a bow to finish your wreath

The next step is where you bring out all your creative flair for the building of your wreath. Squeeze your icing (edible glue) onto your template and arrange your toppings to create your masterpiece. This is such a nice show stopper dessert to add to the table this Christmas, you can also keep to a colour scheme if you wanted.

You could create your own little workshop at home and get the family involved in creating their individual wreaths. Enjoy!

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