A Special Thanksgiving Dinner

A pretty Thanksgiving table setting with vintage crockery that holds many fond memories, mixed with pine cones and teal lights, miniature pumpkins, and butternut squash. These are some of the things that speak to me for a Thanksgiving table setting to enjoy with family and friends.

Hints of Lavender

I love the look of rustic wooden tables so if you have one, show it off. The natural warm wood colour will match perfectly with the glowing orange pumpkins and squash. If tablecloths are your thing (or you want to hide a naughty scribble or two), I’d opt for purple. Adding lavender to your table setting not only ads a pop of colour but it’s also subtle reminder that the colder months are here and a look back on summer.

Vegetable Centrepiece

I love it when the winter months draw in and hearty vegetables start to line my cupboards. Creating a centerpiece out of your veggies is easy and looks great, plus you just have to pop them back in the cupboards ready for eating once finished.

I particularly love using pumpkins, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrots and butternut squash because these are the veggies which, to me represent the winter months and wholesome, delicious dinners.

Waitrose actually sells butternut squash and pumpkins in various shapes and colours which is perfect for laying the table with and then cooking after.  Keep an eye out in the veggie isles during October for these.

I Am Thankful For...

I love remembering all of the amazing opportunities and people of whom I’m thankful to have in my life and try to do it all the time. Taking time to reflect on these moments before eating is a beautiful way to reminisce and share with your friends and family.

Getting Creative

If you’re feeling fancy, you can get the gloves out and lay own the newspaper in preparation for showing off your spray painting skills. You can go alternative and paint your veggies in light pastel colours, or you can stay traditional with a flash of gold. Either way, it will make a great story for the table for explaining why you specks of paint all over your face!

Credit: Pinterest

I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving with those who mean the most to you around a table, enjoying some yummy food.

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