8 Top Tips for writing a cookbook

  1. Choose the recipes that you want to showcase. Usually cookbooks have on average 100 recipes.
  2. Test, test and test the recipes and make sure that you have given them to other people to check they work too.
  3. Check that all the ingredients that are listed are in the method and visa versa – check that all the ingredients in the method are in the ingredients list.
  4. Choose which recipes you want to photograph – think which ones will look the prettiest. Don’t forget to choose a couple from each chapter.
  5. Plan which props, plates, knives and forks etc you want for each recipe.
  6. Food photography is a whole world of expertise and I would if your going to spend money on anything this would be the place.
  7. Digital expert – you need someone to put it all together, I have no idea how to use anything other than the basic tools on my macbook(link to buy one) so I needed someone great for this!
  8. Printers – there are loads to choose from but make sure you shop around to get the right balance between quality and price.

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