10 Ideas For Your Rosh Hashanah Table

Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year, is thought to be the birthday of the earth. It’s a holiday that is all about loved ones coming together, at a table, to enjoy good food, which is the very ethos on which The Social Kitchen was built. Now that the summer’s over, I thought it was time to start thinking about my Rosh Hashanah table. Here are some of the most interesting ideas I found, during my afternoon with Pinterest.


We always hope for a sweet New Year, sweet as apple and honey some might say! An autumnal, honey coloured table is a beautiful way to reflect that. Use bee wax candles to pay homage to the bees who made the honey for us this Rosh Hashanah!


Pomegranates are a Rosh Hashanah table tradition, as they are abundant in seeds, which are symbolic of hope. Use pomegranates to decorate your table, following a pink, rose and gold theme. You can’t go wrong!

credit: chaiandhome.com


I love using a metal wash basin on my table, as it gives it a really homey and even rustic feel. Fill your basin with a bit of water, floating candles and bobbing apples. You can even add some flowers into the mix.


A read themed table is very appropriate for Rosh Hashanah. You can use pomegranates and apples combine with flowers and berries. This year I’m going to try something like this along the middle of the table, using red candles as a final touch.


These are a real classic! Personally, I would stick to low vases if you’re using them on the dinner table. If you want them to look for like these arrangements, you could display them elsewhere. Perhaps on the buffet table or in the entrance hall.


Another way to use your pomegranates is in and amongst flowers. I love the colour combo in this setting and the way the fruit and flowers compliment each other. This setting seems really alive to me!


Using a little gift as a place setting is a lovely touch, especially on Rosh Hashanah, which is all about giving. These wooden honey sticks could be a nice little gift for your guests and you can even include a small pot of honey. Another fail safe giveaway is a small bottle of olive oil. Don’t forget to add the name tag!



You can really have some fun making your own napkins holders. These ones are made from gold foiled card, cut into the shape of pomegranates, with a simple string of coloured beads threaded through. What a lovely idea!


Using a vintage honey tin will give your table a new – or old! – lease of life. Anything vintage automatically creates a warm, homey feel. There’s something very farmhouse about it. If you can’t find a tin like this, why not get your paintbrushes out and make your own?

Credit: pinterest.co.uk


You don’t always have to follow tradition. Why not take your favourite sweets and make your new year a happy one! These sweets always make me smile and are most certainly very sweet! Line them up along the table in mason jars and let your guests go wild!

Credit: pinterest.co.uk